Models railings, which we can offer you

* Aluminum railings Staircase "Baros Vision" Ltd
Stairway handrails are suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions, profiles and accessories that are assembled sa.Pipe Ø 40 for vertical columns, pipe Ø50 to handle., Pipe Ø16 (string) for filling the railing. As other options for filling can be used on glass, square profiles, imitation wood profiles or panels can even be combined with ornaments of wrought iron. The corners (beaks) are processed in different degrees of bends and it is an individual for the different staircase railing.

* Aluminum railings - balcony
For us safety first. Profiles and accessories, which are assembled aluminum railings are: Phi tube 40 for vertical columns, pipe handle 50 for Phi, Phi tube 16 (string) for filling the railing, also filling can be also used glass, square profiles and imitation wood panels or profiles. Angles (beaks) are processed in different degrees elbows and it is individual for each terrace.

* Luxury aluminum railings
For you we tried to invent new model of aluminum, which did not yield to the most luxurious railings. Insert various elements in different shapes and combining them so as to obtain a unique and luxurious model consistent with internal or external decor.

* New and unique collection of aluminum railings square profiles and accessories
New aluminum rails are square profile of our new product market. "Baros Vision" Ltd implements this type of railing in Bulgaria because it is very rare and most companies do not offer this option. Square aluminum railings are very beautiful sound and unique accessories (fasteners), which gives the rails even more elegance and individuality.

Railings - safety for your child

"Baros Vision" Ltd. offers you railings designed specifically for the safety of your child. We know how to minimize the risk of falls and injury to your child, taking into account all the factors of safety and save time and money on this. Our children are the future of Bulgaria!

Advantages of aluminum railings

Aluminum is used more widely in our daily lives as interior and eksterior.Sachetava very well with a variety of materials - glass, fundermax (boards with greater strength and stability) in different colors with natural wood and other materials choice or idea to the client. The strength of the railing depends on the professionalism of installation and quality raw materials. All this taken together guarantee security of "Baros Vision"

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