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"Baros Vision" Ltd. was established in April 2007 and is specialized in aluminum railings, awnings and interior blinds.The company works directly with the factory producer of profiles and accessories, necessary for the assembly of aluminum railings in various models. The company employs highly qualified personnel which guarantees high level of service.

"Baros Vision" Ltd. operates throughout the country

We'll get top quality at competitive prices. Since we specialize in aluminum railings for us it is important that the speed with which we objects execute without affecting quality. This gives us an advantage over other companies and we can offer lower prices railings.

The importance of materials

"Baros Vision" Ltd. works exclusively with high-quality materials. Certificates are our guarantee of origin of the material! Pipes and accessories necessary to make the railings are plated with 14 microns eluksatsiya shiny. External weather not have any negative impact on the surface, for example - rust, discoloration, etc. Advantages of aluminum - no rust, does not change color, unique colors, high strength, super easy maintenance, long life.

"Baros Vision" Ltd. is your stable and reliable partner

You will receive high quality rapid implementation of the site super modern look and finish of your building.
The prices of aluminum railings are highly competitive.
Contact us, we will measure your site and prepare the best offer for no more than 48 hours.

Will be our pleasure to be partner with you!